5 benefits of an Intensive Driving Course in Grays

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An 'Intensive Driving Course', or 'Crash Course' as they are sometimes called can be the solution to getting through your driving test quickly, and avoiding some of the difficulties that hourly driving lessons can have. 

A normal course of driving lessons can take an incredibly long time to complete and during the journey a number of life hurdles may affect not only the individuals learning but the pace of lessons. 

Alternatively, if you want to drive in a shorter time, from within just 7 days, an intensive driving course should be considered. 

Why would you consider an intensive driving course as opposed to the normal format of taking weekly lessons?

The answer is relatively simple and summed up by the fact that the results of an intensive driving course will be cheaper, more effective, and greatly reduce the overall learning time that it takes to learn to drive.  Intensive_driving_course_pass

Consider the following 5 points;

1.  In our experience, when a student embarks on an intensive driving course, his ability to complete the course in less time is more likely to be achieved. 

It is not untypical, for students who take one lesson per week to cease their driving lessons for a period of time as it's easy to get bored, and to lose interest. 

Students who embark on intensive driving courses are also much more likely to complete their course than students who have dragged out course extending over a year or more. 

2.  On an hour by hour basis the amount of learning that takes place would on average be, more effective if you did you're driving on an intensive course. 

It generally takes us time to re-orientate ourselves and get fully involved, before we are back to the level of concentration that is required for effective learning. 

Also, when we are nearing the end of a driving lesson, we start to slack off, and operate at reduced efficiency before the end of the scheduled task. 

Although these lead in and lead out times are normal in all work and learning situations it generally means, that within a 1 hour driving lesson we will only fully benefit from this central part of the driving lesson. 

However, if the lesson is 4 hours long the 'loss time' effect as a percentage of the overall time is much less. 

3.  The student's ability to remember from one week to the next, assuming that the student is having weekly driving lessons, also results in memory bleed off. 

Alternatively, with an intensive course, the student can build on the knowledge e obtained from the previous day. 

This simply means the amount of understanding that may evaporate, is greatly reduced so increasing the opportunity to develop more quickly. 

4.  The same logic can be applied to the driving instructor. 

The instructor's ability to focus and remember the student's learning points are greatly enhanced when the driving lessons are conducted over a shorter period of time. 

Despite comprehensive records, the instructor has less chance of retaining the detailed data relating to a specific student when the period of learning is interrupted by teaching other students. 

The lesson structure, can be adapted and maintained more easily when he is dealing on a day to day basis with the same student. 

Therefore the instructor's ability to deal with a student on intensive course is also greatly improved. 

5.  Crash courses are popular with learners of all ages, as these courses will be tailored to match the learner's expectations and time frame. 

Intensive Driving Courses are especially useful to people with very little spare time in their normal schedule to fit in driving lessons. 

So whilst some people take a week off work, do an Intensive driving course, and take your driving test others will manage during breaks in college time tables. 

However, a disadvantage of this type of course should be noted;

The courses are intense and as a consequence are not suitable for all types of student. 

A great deal of concentration will be required and the capacity to learn from the experience will be required. 

Which ever route is chosen, it should be considered that to be ready to take a driving test, the learner will need to drive consistently well, with confidence and without guidance from the instructor. 

If you are looking to drive sooner rather than later, phone or e-mail us for a quotation today.  Make a booking

An Intensive driving course is not immediate, but it does provide a much quicker solution

Our local driving instructors are highly qualified men and women and are experts in the field of intensive training conducting courses in the following areas;
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Thursday 21st September, 2017 @ 4:31 am
There is big demand for intensive courses here in London as people have very little time, so when they get a week or two off from work it gives them a great chance to quickly train up and go for that driving licence.

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