ADI Statistics revealed

Thursday 15th March, 2012 at 13:03 COMMENTS (0)

As part of the government's push to be more transparent, the DSA has published revealing statistics on the state of the driver training industry in the UK. 

The figures show that there are 46,651 registered ADIs in the UK, 423 fewer than in April 2011.  Despite 3,107 new ADI registrations during the April 2011-February 2012 period, 996 ADIs resigned from the DSA register and 1,932 allowed their registrations to lapse balancing each other out. 

The DSA also revealed the numbers of ADIs by postcode region across the UK, showing a total of 451 teaching in the SS postcode & 520 in the RM area. 

The DSA also revealed the most recent results of check tests, with 56% achieving grade 4 results, 36% grade 5s and just 6% achieving grade 6 status.  A total of 391 ADIs were given grades 2 or 3 and 576 were removed between April 2011 and February 2012 because of poor performance. 

Between April and December 2011 there were 5,932 Part 2 examinations taken, with 3,133 passes.  The pass rate for the period was 53%, split between 55% for men and 48% for women.  When it came to Part 3 examinations there were 6,846 tests and 2,148 passes, a pass rate of just 30%.  Women outperformed men in this exam, with a pass rate of 33.1% versus 30.8%.  There were far fewer women taking the Part 3 examination during this period: 1,660 women test-takers made up just 24% of the April-December total of 6,846. 

The full figures are available at:


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