Cheap driving lessons in Thurrock and Basildon

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At the moment, from a consumer's point of view, the price of driving lessons has probably never seemed better. 

The choice in Thurrock and Basildon for driving lessons and subsequent prices per hour, vary from £6.30 up to £30 although, many average at around £20 per hour. 

Price is obviously important, but learners will need to appreciate the difference between cheap and expensive in terms of quality. 

Customers (learners) understand that Primark is less expensive and that M&S is more expensive.  They don't expect to get the same quality of either service or product in Primark as they might get in M&S. 

Also, remember that the price per hour is largely irrelevant.  It is the cost of the tuition needed to pass the test that students should be interested in.  Taking the broader view, 50 poor lessons at £10 cost the same as 25 quality lessons at £20. 

Compared to ten years ago, the number and choice of driving schools have increased significantly as instructors leave large schools in an attempt to cut costs which promotes a choice of prices. 

Historically, driving instruction has been considered a past time job for the semi retired. 

However, for many driving instructors, teaching is now the main source of income. 

As a consequence, self employed driving instructors fail to appreciate the base rate they need to earn and work out a plan to secure that figure. 

Consider price differentiation, promotions and discounts.  For example, some schools charge £20, but then offer a 20 per cent discount.  cheap_driving_lesson_offers

Driving Instructors usually pay a franchise to the school they work with plus a fee for the hire of a vehicle or even the cost of purchasing a new vehicle.  Then factor in that servicing, advertising, and fuel prices have all increased but lesson prices have typically not. 

So what does this mean?

This now means, that on average, each lesson may cost the driving instructor in the region of £14 per pupil!

Therefore, if instructors are charging less than this figure, it would be reasonable to assume that they are cutting corners. 

This could relate to how much driving the pupil actually does or, failing to maintain the condition of their training vehicle thus compromising the safety of the student. 

So, beware and consider,'If you pay peanuts then you get monkeys.'

People generally associate higher prices with higher quality, and cheaper will not last or deliver what was expected for too long. 

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