Crash Catcher added to Karens driving school

Friday 13th September, 2013 at 11:09 COMMENTS (0)

Years of driving experience has taught me to always expect to encounter incorrect, dangerous or illegal driving behaviour or actions. 

Training, has taught me to anticipate such actions and to therefore largely avoid being involved. 

If I hadn't, well.......  doesn't take a genius to work out what would have happened!

Does the standard of driving annoy me or make me react?

The simple and honest answer is, no, not really.  I've come to understand that we all make mistakes. 
Perhaps due to ignorance, lack of understanding or carelessness these mistakes occur. 

My concern as a driver and driving instructor has always been how will these errors affect me or the pupils I teach?

In this modern world we live, we either become aware or fall victim to scams that all too alarmingly involve the motorist. 

Scams such as, Crash for Cash or whiplash, or even the compensation culture, there will always be a need to defend you, and have the evidence to prove it. 

And that's why we have introduced a Crash Catcher to the fleet of Karen's driving school vehicles. 

Crash Catcher is a driving recorder designed to be your independent witness.  It's your personal safeguard against another party refusing to accept liability, exaggerating a claim or deliberately causing an accident (crash for cash). 

car recorder

As a driving instructor and indeed a driving school we have identified three further reasons for using a Crash Catcher. 

For one, we've found through experience that when learner drivers are involved in a road traffic collision they often end up being blamed for the accident by third parties or insurance companies. 

This may purely be because they are in a vehicle that's under 'tuition' and therefore still learning the art of driving responsibly even though they may be 100% innocent of any error that caused such an incident. 

The camera has a dual lens which can capture views of outside and inside the training vehicle at the same time.  The benefit of this allows the trainer and pupil to identify or compare actual actions to the driving outcomes. 

All video can be recorded on to a learner's individual micro SD memory card and the lesson can be viewed and replayed as often as necessary in the security of their own home. 

Pupils and parents can rest assured, knowing that they're safe with the instructor, as all actions inside the vehicle can also be recorded, and viewed at any time. 

In conversations with clients, I've described the use of a camera as a tool that provides an extension to further develop your driving skills and like breakdown cover, hope that you'll never need it, but if you do need it, you're glad that you had it!

Check our youtube page to see drivers caught on camera.


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