Dangerous slip road in Basildon gets driving test ban

Thursday 29th March, 2012 at 14:03 COMMENTS (0)

The slip road, at the junction of the A127 and Upper Mayne, Basildon, Basildon slip roadhas been removed from the Basildon driving test route by the Driving Standards Agency, deemed too dangerous for learner drivers taking their test. 

The slip road was supposed to make journeys easier, but drivers have complained about the lack of visibility and need to crane your neck to see the traffic. 

A spokesman for the Driving Standards Agency said: "The particular road being referred to was removed from the test route because the design of the junction did not allow the examiner in the passenger seat to gain effective vision, which is essential for the safety of candidates, examiners and other road users."

It is thought that an accident involving a local driving instructor contributed to the Driving Standard Agency's decision to remove the junction from driving test routes. 

However, driving Instructors at Karen's School of Motoring have suggested that it is the experienced driver's lack of correct mirror and blind spot checking which causes the problems. 

Whilst it is difficult to see traffic approaching from the right when stationary, it is possible, if the driver takes effective observation on the approach, thus avoiding the need to stop on many occasions. 

Early planning on the approach to any hazard will be advantageous, resulting in increased safety and beneficial to eco driving

It seems to me that any new road layout will cause concerns to drivers that have neither encountered the layout previously or perhaps have gaps in driving knowledge, Sadlers Farm roundabout has been a more recent example. 

Indeed, learners at Karen's are taught to negotiate the layout when suitably experienced as the necessary guidance increases the drivers understanding, so adapting to all new scenarios. 

A County councillor, responsible for highways, said: "Essex County Council has received a number of calls regarding the slip road layout but added, "There have been no recorded injury collisions on this slip road since the work on the layout was completed and the design and construction of the slip road conforms to the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, the basis on which all highway schemes are designed and constructed."

The junction will continue to be monitored by the council whilst drivers adapt to the changes. 
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