Did you know driving instructors are graded

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Once a driving instructor enters the ADI Register, they are obliged to undertake a 'check test' to determine their fitness and ability to instruct. 

The main objective of the test is for the examiner to assess whether their fault, lesson content and assessment teaching methods are up to the minimum standard required to remain on the Register. 

A DSA examiner grades the instruction based on an individual driving lesson whist the frequency of the check test will be determined by the grade achieved. 

Did you then know, that fully qualified driving instructors are graded periodically through their career from 1 through 6?

Only about 7% of all driving instructors hold the top grade 6 qualification whilst the majority are a grade 4. 

Karen's School of Motoring are proud to say that we have several driving instructors teaching in the Basildon, Thurrock and Havering having achieved a grade 6 plus further qualifications

Very simply, a grade 6 driving instructor has demonstrated a very high standard with no significant instructional weaknesses. 

A grade 5 rating will have shown only a few minor weaknesses in their instructional techniques. 

A grade 4 (the minimum acceptable grade) will have demonstrated only a competent overall performance.  There would have been weaknesses on several of the instructional techniques. 

This demonstrates that there are good and much better driving instructors but all equally qualified to teach for reward. 

Any test resulting in a 'sub-standard' grade 3, 2 or 1 will require a retest to be taken fairly quickly.  For grade 3 this will usually be within 3 months, grade 2 within 2 months and a grade 1 indicates that instruction seen was dangerous and this will result in the scheduling of an urgent retest. 

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