Do new proposals spell the end of intensive driving courses

Thursday 9th May, 2013 at 14:05 COMMENTS (0)

The government recently announced it would launch a green paper on young drivers later this year. 

Although any proposals made becoming law are some way off, the ideas offered are commonly suggested as a means of improving road safety, particularly for youngsters. 

Driving instructors have put forward several of the key ideas over the years so should find the proposed measures sensible but will the learner drivers? intensive_driving_courses

In 2011, a fifth of all drivers killed or seriously injured on our roads were involved in a collision where at least one driver was aged 17-24. 

Therefore, improving road safety of the young drivers should be a priority. 

Minimum learning period

One of the key proposals focuses on a minimum learning period, said to be 12 months for potential drivers. 

This looks particularly daunting for those young drivers looking to pass a driving test in a short period of time and could see the end of the intensive driving course. 

Learning for a longer period of time has to work better than cramming many hours of driver training into a very short period of time prior to taking a driving test. 

Currently, intensive or crash courses are widely marketed to meet consumer needs or desires, with many advertising a guaranteed pass at the end.  In an attempt to promote a better understanding of driving theory and measure a period of consistency of practical driving competence, all seems obvious. 

However, a structured framework for the learning period needs to be put in place so that the driving lessons are structured over that period, say completing a minimum amount of hours within that time?

Otherwise, who's to say a learner won't do one lesson at the start of the learning period and then a condensed course towards the end of the 12 months. 

Whilst the proposals are definitely a step forward, the publication and period of consultation must be effective to achieve its purpose. 

What are your thoughts about a minimum learning period or how this might affect crash courses?


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