Driving Instructor Fraud

Wednesday 19th January, 2011 at 14:01 COMMENTS (0)

When booking a course of driving lessons, it's all too easy to just consider the price of each or block of lessons. 

Beware of driving instructors offering cheap driving lessons, all is not as it first appears. 

Naturally, driving schools generally teach in modern dual controlled cars as this provides a satisfactory learning environment for students although it is increasingly more common to see instructors in older style vehicles that may or may not be roadworthy. 

Likewise, more reputable schools will clearly display their driving school name on a clean and tidy roof sign, generally with a landline phone number.  Of late, we have noticed some apparent driving schools teaching with either no phone number or mobile only. 

Recently the Echo reported, a woman took thousands of pounds from learner drivers while pretending to be a fully-fledged instructor.  Lisa Branston, 40, of Link Road, Canvey, set up her own Canvey-based driving school, but did not have a licence to teach people how to drive.  One of the duped pupils stated, he never doubted Branston was the real thing, although he did find it odd when she was unable to give him a phone number. 

To teach for any kind of reward, and that includes payment fof fuel or even a box of chocolates, the instructor must display in the bottom left hand edge of the windscreen, a green or in the case of a trainee, a pink licence. 

Make sure you check that your driving instructor has a vaild instructors licence displaying the relevant photograph and a valid date.  If not do not continue with lessons but instead email the DSA Fraud department @  All information you provide to the DSA will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

Some driving instructors may not be registered or may have been struck off the DSA register. 

The lessons are normally cheap for a reason.  Beware


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