Driving lessons include fuel stops and drive thru

Thursday 9th August, 2012 at 10:08 COMMENTS (4)

A course of driving lessons should follow a series of topics found in the Driving Standard Agency (DSA) book, 'Driving the Essential Skills'. 

However, does this complete the list of tasks a driver may need to perform having passed a driving test?

It's often suggested that a learner driver doesn't really begin to learn until they have a full driving licence.  This of course isn't true although it may be argued that a course of driving lessons don't necessarily meet day to day driving requirements. 

McDonalds drive thruMcDonalds_drive_thru_Pitsea

"My driving instructor makes me stop in McDonalds on the way home from every lesson". 

When I first heard this comment, I naturally scoffed at the very idea, like an awful lot of my colleagues at Karen's school of motoring. 

In consideration thou, it may be good to learn how to drive through a fast food restaurant drive thru, as this is hardly an uncommon experience for many people, on a Friday night in Pitsea. 

Sure, the driver should have mastered the ability to move and stop under full control but to move slowly whilst considering their order or searching for change may be something of a new skill. 

Tesco_BasildonFuel stops

Filling a car up with fuel is I'm afraid a weekly necessity for most drivers, expensive and awkward even for the experienced. 

How often have you had to slalom around vehicles at the pumps or concentrated so much on rounding the numbers to a complete pound and feeling somewhat pleased when you've achieved a perfect score?

For the novice driver this can be extremely daunting particularly when running late of faced with a multitude of new tasks and inpatient drivers behind. 

Car parks

I remember my very first visit as a qualified driver to a multi storey car park in Romford with in hind sight, laughable but at the time quite distressing consequences. 

Having wound my way around and down the car park with walls that seemed to be closing in, I arrived at the barrier only to find I had not changed from a blue ticket to a white one.  As a result the barrier wouldn't lift and I was stuck at the front of a queue with a car full of friends that found it hilarious. 

Scarred by this life moment I couldn't help to think how different it would have been with training. 

These days part of the test may require the candidate to bay park and so instructors tend to teach the manoeuvre especially when they know there a probability the learner may be invited to do it. 

Although, how often the training is done in busy car parks that have unusual circumstances could be questioned, probably because of payment restrictions and to avoid inconveniencing other road users I would think. 

However, if these were taught normally on driving lessons, I fear too many people would consider that they would be wasting time particularly because they are not being examined on this manoeuvres. 

Whilst some driving instructors do teach these procedures as a matter of course, very simply to benefit the novice driver I also appreciate that others may, because of convenience, encourage the driver to undertake the tasks without guidance or reasoning. 

This of course is a practice which is wrong and detrimental to the pupil. 

Whilst there may be a considerable amount of tongue in cheek sarcasm in this blog it does also provoke a little thought about what driving instructors actually teach and what learner drivers would find useful. 

What do you think?

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Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 5:24 am
Going into a drive-through is an excellent idea.

There are far too many experienced drivers who can't even line their cars up at a ticket barrier in a car park, which would be a similar experience.
Tina Camp ADI
Tina Camp ADI
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 5:24 am
Not sure about actually ordering a Big Mac...ha ha. None-the-less, helping pupils encounter as many sensible real life driving situations as possible, will only and does reward them with experience...thus giving them the recognition they deserve.
Michael Pretty
Michael Pretty
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 5:24 am
I also think it would be a good idea to include fuel stops and how to put some air into the tyres.
Howards Walter
Howards Walter
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 5:24 am
Tyres changing is easy then your thought.

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