Driving licence is a privilege and not a right

Tuesday 16th April, 2013 at 14:04 COMMENTS (0)

Waiting to receive your first provisional driving licence is a part of life whilst for some, the passage between provisional and full can seem like an eternity. 

However, qualifying for your full driving licence is exactly that, a qualification obtained after a period of learning and not just a consequence of life that some people see as a right, achieved by no more than just reaching a certain age. 

Need to earn and respect licence

A driving licence allows us as drivers to reach places and goals that we had previously only dreamed about or relied on others to manage. 

Driving along roads never previously driven or travelling the same tired routes, mean the same respect for other road users and situations must to be acknowledged. 

It is vitally important to maintain the same standards learnt whilst taking driving lessons and consider some kind of further driver training throughout your driving career. 

The freedom to drive unaided with the sun on your face and the windows wound down is an experience only ever appreciated when we first pass our driving test or lose our driving licence. 

Loose it and the consequences are

Driving a car carries with it legal requirements, and you must satisfy these at all times or you will suffer the consequences. 

The loss of a driving licence could mean losing a job plus increased financial burden and possible stigma as a consequence of a particular driving offence. 

Premier league footballers such STRIKER Peter Crouch is topping the table of bad drivers that have lost their driving licence. 

The gangly Stoke City ace racked up an incredible 21 POINTS on his licence before being banned from the road. 

But Crouch, 32, is only one of a whole squad of big-name players who have driven into trouble. 

Just this month FIVE stars, including Manchester City striker Tevez, have faced court on traffic charges.  Tevez, 29, took his points total to 18 after being caught driving while under a six-month ban. 
The £200,000-a-week Argentine was handed another six-month disqualification, fined £1,000 and given 250 hours' community service. 

Fellow Manchester City stars Samir Nasri and Micah Richards have also copped driving bans. 

New drivers should also note that special rules apply for two years after passing a driving test. 

Further details of offences and subsequent penalty points can be found at Highway Code/Penalties


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