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James has been an instructor since 2003 starting off in the Basildon and Laindon areas before shifting over to our Driving School in Brentwood.  James also covers our Driving Schools in Billericay and Kelvedon Hatch when necessary. 

He much prefers to teach in these areas as it is where he grew up and knows the areas really well, helping him plan and tailor make great lessons for his individual pupil's. 

He covers tests occasionally in Hornchurch, Basildon, and Chelmsford, but because most are in Brentwood he has built up a good rapport with the Brentwood examiners, who also know James's pupils are well prepared for their examination, making the day less stressful for all involved. 

The previous test centre manager was so impressed with James he started to give out James's number to neighbours when asked if he could recommend an instructor. 

He is also Pass Plus registered; Although it may not reduce insurance premiums as much as it used to, he would still highly recommend it to new drivers.  It gives pupil's that extra confidence when dealing with the M25, which can be daunting to someone who has not experienced motorway driving before.  It is also important to learn how to deal with left hand drive lorries, which we are seeing a big increase in and those drivers who like to call themselves "experienced" yet ignore everything they were ever taught including the most important 2 second rule. 

James is well travelled and enjoys listening to and writing music, going to gigs and playing bass.  The sports he enjoys the most are skiing, golf, surfing, scuba diving, and sailing. 

He has taught in a variety of different cars, but as James has received such positive feedback about the Ford Ka, he has decided to stick with this vechicle for the foreseeable future.  Pupils have said they like the Ford Ka as it is not too powerful and the wide clear view through 360 degrees. 

After all his teaching and experiences James still enjoys driving and the freedom it gives.  Driving Instructor in Brentwood

"As population levels increase it is ever more important to have a very high level of knowledge and vehicle control on the road.  Awareness of your surroundings, the lack of ability of other drivers and the forward planning to avoid their mistakes may save your life one day." - JamesDriving Instructor in Brentwood

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