Driving Techniques

Essential driving techniques, including manoeuvring and defensive driving suitable for a learner drivers, supervising drivers and experienced drivers. 

The advice is intended to supplement guidance from a driving instructor or refresh the skills perhaps forgotten which will help you to stay safe on our roads.


Moving off

Moving Off is a very simple procedure that we as drivers will have to do on numerous occasions within every journey.


Clutch contol

Clutch control or holding the clutch pedal partially engaged (down) may be necessary when manoeuvring at slow speed and good clutch control only comes with practice.


Approaching Junctions

A junction is a point where two or more roads meet and vary greatly in layout, view and complexity.



Very simply, roundabouts allow traffic from different roads to merge or cross as any junction, but without necessarily stopping.


Use of Signals

As a driver we tend to notice an assortment of signals from road users that may not be correct, generally because drivers are unaware of what they should be doing.


Forward Observation

There are basic legal requirements that need to be adhered before driving, the ability to read a number plate 20.


Bay (Reverse) Parking

In a car park, do you reverse into a parking space and drive out? Reversing into the space provides you with several advantages.


Parallel Parking

This makes use of the vehicle's manoeuvrability in reverse gear to park in a restricted space.


Turn in the Road

A Turn in the Road is more fondly known as a 'three point turn' by more experienced drivers.


Eco Driving

Eco style of driving is recognised as a proven contributory factor in improving road safety whist also reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


Emergency vehicles

We tend to know the more common emergency services, police, fire and ambulance but others such as coast guard, bomb disposal and blood transfusion services also use blue lights.


Controlled (Emergency) Stop

An emergency stop is not something you should have to do on a regular basis when driving.


Overtaking a moving vehicle

Overtaking a moving vehicle is arguably the most dangerous manoeuvre with the greatest potential risk.


How to change a flat tyre

It can be pretty unnerving the first time that your journey is interrupted by a flat tyre or puncture.