Driving test centre in Essex to pass a test

Thursday 28th July, 2011 at 14:07 COMMENTS (0)

When it comes to taking a driving test everyone looks for simple solutions and quick fixes. 

Driving instructors are frequently asked which test centre is it easiest to pass? Or "I want to go to so and so test centre because my friend passed there". 

The Driving Standards Agency are now more open with information about driving test results and in fact publish a variety of information about driving tests. 

Driving test pass rates vary between the the UK's 414 driving test centres and for the five local test centres that Karen's driving instructors commonly use are very similar. 

The latest figures relating to the period 04/2010 - 03/2011 for Basildon test centre, Brentwood test centre, Chelmsford test centre, Hornchurch test centre & Tilbury test centre driving test centre pass rates

However, it's worth noting that whilst the average pass rate is about 45%, Barking test centre has a very low 30% success rate and if your prepared to travel, the Isles of Scilly is over 80%. 

Do not let your local test centres' pass rate affect you.  The pass rate only provides information on previous candidates, not you. 
If you were looking for an obvious answer I'm afraid the only sensible one is. 

Very simply, make sure you are confident that you can do everything safely, under control and without any assistance from your instructor then you will pass a driving test at whatever driving test centre you attend. 

Observations are the biggest downfall for most pupils.  You should know what is happening around you at all times. 

Click for more details about pass rate statistics for the UK, each county and each driving test centre.


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