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Thursday 7th April, 2011 at 15:04 COMMENTS (1)

It has now been a year since the DSA introduced the a campaign to take an observer on test.  Although it had always been encouraged, the DSA took the iniative to promote more proactively. 

Despite their attempts, the number of candidates who actually take someone with them on the driving test has only increased, from just 4% at the time to just over 20% today. 

Karen's school of motoring actively suggest our instructors sit in with their pupil's as they can witness the drive and listen to the examiners feedback first hand.  This means they can discuss it with their pupil afterwards and help to further improve their driving, pass or fail. 

The learning experience is a two way process whilst the test should allow the candidate to show off the skills that have been learned and the instructor the opportunity to see how effective their teaching methods have been. 

Driving instructors should then have the opportunity to share in their pupil's success

The examiners now ask candidates at the start of the test if they want their driving instructor or another observer (who could be a parent, guardian or friend who has accompanied them to the test centre although, hopefully, the instructor has already suggested to the pupil that they would like to observe or better still, the pupil requests it. 

Not surprisingly, far too many instructors choose to abandon the opportunity to observe their pupil's drive and avoid listening in to the examiners debrief.  As an experienced driving instructor, I find this very difficult to understand how this helps the further development of the individual or the next generation of pupil's the instructor may teach. 

I have witnessed far too many instructors seeking the solitude of the waiting room and company of colleagues rather than helping the people that have chosen,indeed paid for the particular school or instructor. 

For pupil's about to take a driving test, I would suggest this is an opportunity that shouldn't be missed but also recognise it's not for all. 

Why do 80% of supervising drivers not sit in on test and whats your thoughts on the benefits or problems?


Driving Lessons Birmingham
Driving Lessons Birmingham
Thursday 21st September, 2017 @ 4:28 am
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