Essex Woman fails theory test 105 times

Thursday 8th November, 2012 at 14:11 COMMENTS (0)

A woman has managed to fail her driving theory test 105 times, new figures have shown.driving_theory_test

The hapless motorist is believed to be the country's most incompetent candidate to date, according to data supplied by the Driving Standards Agency. 

The theory test currently costs £31, so the woman from Essex has spent more than £3,000 so far, exceeding the cost of a small car. 

Her latest unfortunate attempt at the exam took place at Ilford, unfortunately the result was the same as the previous 104 attempts. 

No other candidate has come near, though a man in Peterborough, is giving it his best shot with 84 attempts so far. 

The theory exam, which must be passed before a candidate is allowed to take the practical exam, entails answering 50 multiple choice questions - with 43 correct answers required. 

Candidates also have to take a hazard perception test, where 44 out of 75 questions have to be answered correctly. 

It's difficult to comprehend how someone could take the theory test this many times and fail. 

Whilst there are people who are not very good tests and people who get very nervous, I think it's fair to suggest, some just don't prepare adequately. 

Preparing for your driving theory test is about more than just learning the questions and answers. 

Although some people can do this well enough to pass the theory test others will take numerous attempts, wasting time and obviously money. 

To prepare for your theory test you should study the resource material, including information about motoring in books such as the Highway Code, Know your traffic signs and Driving the Essential Skills. 

The woman's record is absolutely unbelievable, although I would urge the woman not to give up.  She can still get revision books or even, if she prefers there are options to practice available online

You can purchase the Highway Code, the Driving the Essential Skills and a hazard perception DVD from most high street book shops or also available to order online

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Essex Woman fails theory test 105 times

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