How a mobile phone helps in Thurrock

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How did we ever survive before the mobile phone?

Have you left your house recently without your mobile phone and panicked because you've left without your lifeline to the world?

I hopped in my car the other day without my mobile phone, I thought I would just be gone for an hour or so I really didn't need to back to the office and get it but as I drove down the street I started to get a worried feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

What if my family need to get hold of me? Or what about if my friends have uploaded some new pictures and how will I keep up with the latest football scores or sizzling Summer offers?

It has become increasingly obvious that today's mobile phone user can't go for too long without their favourite gadget. 

For many young users the appeal of being connected to everyone you know at a moments notice is an attractive appeal. 

A recent survey by a motoring organisation found the dramatic rise among 25 to 44-year-olds, who were at risk of being distracted by checking their smartphones while driving. 

The number of young drivers checking social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter while on the roads has increased by 50% in the last year, according to the RAC. 

Whilst, 421 fixed penalty notices were issued in March to drivers in Essex for using a mobile phone while driving. 

The temptation to check applications on mobile phones while behind the wheel has quickly become a new breed of motoring offence. 

These offences don't yet have the same social taboo that drink-driving now holds, which thanks to years of concerted campaigns has continued to decrease as a problem. 

As much as people complain about their use in cars or while standing at the checkout in a shop, the mobile phone is really a wonderful device. 

Many years ago, people commonly used the reason; a mobile phone was for emergencies and although this may have been just giving a good excuse for buying the irresistible device, the reason is actually a very valid one. 

In the event of an accident or breakdown you're also able to connect to emergency services in the event something happens. 

And not only that but there been instances of bystanders using a mobile phone to call for help for another person.  That is the really great benefit of mobile phones. 

The technology has advanced to such a degree that a person carrying a mobile phone can be located if their mobile is on.  This has great implications for the parents of children who are missing. 

In fact this helped me recently to track my lost youngster in Lakeside, Thurrock whilst on a shopping trip, via a 'find friends' app. 

So the question remains, what did we do before mobile phones?

Well, I guess we probably broke down in our cars and walked to a pay phone, or we caught up with the gossip when we saw our friends. 

We managed to get through life without them. 

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Female Driving School Birmingham
Female Driving School Birmingham
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 5:31 am
Great article... Love your content and website...

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