How to get your call to the DSA answered

Thursday 10th September, 2009 at 21:09 COMMENTS (1)

Have you tried contacting the DSA by telephone? phew what a wait!

The DSA continues to receive a high volume of calls, and offers these helpful instructions on the best way for ADIs to contact them. 

When you call the DSA's contact centre, make sure you use the fast track and callback assist. 

It's easy and will save you time. 

1 Call 0300 200 1122 and dial one of these options:

· All theory tests - dial 11. 

· Practical test enquiry and booking (including ADIs) - dial 25. 

2 If they don't answer your call after 60 seconds you will be offered callback assist.  This will save your place in the queue so you can hang up and get on with your day. 

3 You will need to confirm the number you want them to call you back on.  It can be a landline or mobile, and it doesn't have to be the number you're calling from at the time. 

4 Speak your name and hang up when you're told to. 

As soon as you reach the front of the queue they will call you back.  And don't worry if you're on the phone, as they will try three times. 

If your number's been engaged and you haven't heard back from them within 30 minutes from the moment you hung up, you will need to go back to step one. 

Good luck


Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 1:38 am
Use the advise given about booking the practical test, worked a treat, magic, superfine.

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