Intensive driving courses in Essex

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A course of driving lessons can take an incredibly long time to complete and during the journey an array of obstacles might affect not only the individuals learning but the pace of lessons. 

It is not untypical, for students to cease their driving lessons for a period of time. 

If you consider the syllabus for learning to drive which can be found in the DSA publication, Driving the Essential Skills, has over 20 chapters, all of which will need to be learnt. 

The best way to learn to drive is by having regular planned driving lessons with a good professional instructor as often as possible. 

However, when and how often lessons take place is a question best decided by individual circumstances, learning ability and desired outcomes. 

The DSA suggests it takes the average person around 45 hours of professional instruction plus a further 20 hours of private practice. 

Quite often, those driving lessons are spread out throughout the course of a year with just one or 2 hours per week.  This typically means a variety of conditions, both environmental and traffic are encountered. 

Alternatively, if you want to drive in a shorter time, then an intensive driving course should be considered. 

Intensive driving lessons otherwise known as crash courses, are a faster way of learning to drive and pass the DSA driving test in sometimes, less than one week. 

Popular with learners of all ages, intensive courses will be tailored to match the learners expectations and time frame. 

A disadvantage of this type of course should be noted, the course is intense and does not meet all types of students ability to learn. 

When an Intensive course has been selected, a dedicated instructor and car will be provided for the duration of the course and test. 

Which ever route is chosen, it should be considered that to be ready to take a driving test, the learner will need to drive consistently well, with confidence and without guidance from the instructor. 

It doesn't matter if your taking a driving test in Brentwood, Tilbury, Basildon or Hornchurch Essex, as the test follows the same criteria. 

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