Learner amongst drivers targeted by Police in Chelmsford

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Getting behind a wheel the morning after a big night out is a growing danger for drivers, including learners because it's likely you are still over the legal alcohol limit or unfit to drive. 

More than a third of us underestimate when it's safe to drive the next day and nearly half of young drivers admit driving after drinking heavily the previous evening, according to figures from the road safety charity Brake. 

Millions of people across the country will enjoy a drink whist we celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee or cheer on England during the Euros in pubs and clubs. 

Although there's certainly nothing wrong with this, it does increase the risk of normally responsible people driving the following morning without realising they may still be over the drink-drive limit. 

Over the limit it won't start

Just recently, a controversial former government adviser, suggested, alcohol sensors should be fitted in every car to cut drink-drive accidents. 

Then all motorists would have to breathe into a device to prove they were not over the limit before their vehicle would start.  What do you think?

The legal alcohol limit for drivers in Great Britain is:35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath

How much have you drunk, when did you stop drinking, and when do you plan to drive?

Crucial questions to answer if you want to remain safe and legal to drive - and avoid a drink drive conviction. 

If caught driving over the legal limit the next morning, motorists face the same consequences as if they had been caught the night before. 

How long does it take?

There are no shortcuts I'm afraid so the sobering thoughts of a cold shower or a cup of coffee are just a myth; they won't make you fit to drive any faster and it's dangerous to think so. 

Time is the only thing that will to get the alcohol out of your system and the big question is how much?

It takes about one hour for your body to rid itself of each unit of alcohol, but can take much longer.  It depends on factors including how healthy you are and how much you've eaten.  Eating a big meal means alcohol is absorbed more slowly - so it takes longer to sober up. 

It depends

Most obviously, we are all different shapes and sizes, with different metabolisms - no two people are the same.  Because of this there can be no definitive answer about when you are safe to drive after a heavy night, it's impossible to generalise. 

Then there are the varying glass sizes and the increased strength of alcoholic drinks.  The Office for National Statistics announced last week it had revamped its assessment methods for how much alcohol we drink because of these two issues. 

· It can take up to 12 hours to be safe to drive after drinking one bottle of wine. 
· It can take up to 12 hours to be safe to drive after drinking four pints of continental lager or ale
· More than four out of ten pubs now serve 35ml rather than 25ml measures of spirits
· Continental lager or ale has steadily increased in unit strength
· It takes six hours to be safe to drive after drinking half a bottle of wine

Wake up to drink driving 'the morning after'

Many motorists choose to forget their previous night's drinking 'the morning after' or are totally unaware, that after four drinks during an evening, when they drive the next morning, will be over the limit. 

Alarmingly, males aged 18- 29, believe they can drive safely after four hours when they have drank four pints. 

We all deserve the opportunity to celebrate and let our hair down once in a while but remember......the only fool-proof way to not drink and drive is simply to do one or the other. 

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Andy Jack
Andy Jack
Thursday 21st September, 2017 @ 4:27 am
Advice on the dangers of drink-driving must be maintained. Driving instructors can help here, even by getting their pupils to think about planning their lessons carefully around their social calander. This can raise awareness of how "drinking the night before" impacts on driving, and saves instructors having to abort lessons due to their chargesbeing unfit to drive.

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