Learners in Basildon Grays and Southend benefit from mock driving tests

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Karen's Driving school see the mock driving test as a perfect conclusion to a student's driver training.  The benefits include, better preparation, greater awareness of the standard required, and the opportunity of valuable feedback given by our specially trained mock driving test examiners in Bsildon, Grays and Southend. 

The student's driving instructor will arrange the mock test nearer to booking the real driving test as this will assure that you are completely ready and not trying to cram lessons into a limited time which may result in the disappointment of cancelling or postponing the test.  mock driving test examiner

The mock driving test will be conducted in a very similar fashion to the DSA practical driving test, with regards to assessment, conduct and importantly with someone independent of the normal driving lessons. 

Pupils commonly comment, the 'Mock Test' experience was of benefit in preparing them for their practical by highlighting weaknesses and by making them aware of and helping them deal with the stress involved.  It's worth reading the views of some of our previous successful pupil's about their driving plan. 

Benefits include;

1.  Promotes pupil confidence by demonstrating that they can cope with any given road or traffic situation. 

2.  Assists in setting up an individual training plan based on desired outcomes and ability.  Aims and objectives will continually be set on the run up to test. 

3.  Gives a valuable independent opinion without prejudice on the pupil's ability and standard in relation to the readiness for a driving test. 

4.  Removes the pupil from the comfort of relying on their instructor within the learning environment. 

5.  Identifies particular hot spots that may be encountered within any given driving test route. 

6.  Supports and confirms the assessment markings as shown in the student's progress card. 

7.  Provides a reality check with regards to what is expected from DSA and the candidate.  This will also highlight just how difficult the UK driving test is. 

8.  Familiarises the pupil with the driving examiners marking sheet (DL25) and the assessment criteria determining a driving fault. 

9.  Justifies the reasons why an instructor may suggest refusing to participate in the driving test appointment by providing evidence of the reasons. 

10.  Provides evidence for test postponements and help to overcome student objections based on performance. 

From Karen's driving school's perspective the mock driving test is now an essential part of preparing pupils for test, as it confirms to the pupil and instructor the test readiness of the student. 

Based on these 10 great benefits, all students that participate in the 'Mock Driving Test' will be better prepared for the DSA driving test. 

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