Parents place emphasis on cost when booking driving lessons

Saturday 12th January, 2013 at 10:01 COMMENTS (2)

Education is necessary for everyone to know the whole story about what they are embarking on when making the decision to start driver training. 

This means both the learner driver and their parents need to take responsibility to understand what's best. 

Parents must become more proactive in their child's driving in the same way they are with their education or after school activities. 

Consider parents evening, the dread of most children and the moment when the parent has the chance to find out the teachers view of how their child is progressing. 

This is always a well attended event and is seen as an important part of a parent's role but how often do those same responsible parents liaise with their child's driving instructor?

Karen's School of Motoring driving instructors see that learning to drive should be a shared experience, obviously between student and teacher but recognise learning will continue to develop outside the classroom when the parents are involved. 

This joint learning environment will encourage a beneficial outcome and help in achieving agreed targets set in the car. 

Indeed, little or no research is carried out by parents on who is best to educate their child; most emphasis is based on cost.

The price difference between most driving schools is minimal although the standard of tuition can vary considerably.  When you offset the price difference of saving a few pounds on each lesson and compare the savings made on insurance due to better driving techniques and attitude. 

When looking for a dance class or similar out of school activity the cost isn't usually an issue.  It should also be noted that driving is a lifetime skill and one full of potential danger so it's reasonable to suggest more care should be taken over choosing the correct professional tutor. 

So parents, if you are willing to hand responsibility to a third party for your child's well being and development, consider what's best and make sure you take more of an interest. 

Feel free to offer your views, either as a parent or student. 

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Parents place emphasis on cost when booking driving lessons

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Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 5:33 am
I agree compeletely that parent do very little market research to find out good driving instructors in their area.
Also in my opinion they have seen advertising from multinationals. These advert are well made and presented by professional and they work. These adverts also work because when you are payinh very high rates you will be trying hard to learn, and come prepared for your driving lesson.
Howards Walter
Howards Walter
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 5:33 am
where can i find more knowladgable instructor?

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