Shake up of the driving test could see a satnav manoeuvre added

Wednesday 3rd December, 2014 at 09:12 COMMENTS (2)

Is this the end of the three point turn? This week the Government announced the possible biggest shake up of the driving test in 20 years. 

In an attempt to 'better reflect real life driving', the famous three point turn is reported to be scrapped and replaced with more practical manoeuvres, such as reversing out of a parking place and rejoining a flow of traffic. 

Plus, learners could be asked to follow directions on a Sat Nav as part of a radically revised practical exam.  driving test

Trials are due to be carried out to test the implications using 1000 learner drivers across the UK.  The current independent driving section of the driving test could be extended from 10 to 20 minutes with participants asked to use Sat Nav instead of signs and diagrams. 

Learners may also be asked one of the two vehicle safety questions while on the move instead of at the start of the test.  This could involve asking candidates to show 'how they would operate the heated screen while driving'. 

But is this a positive move for new drivers?

Despite frustrating many drivers, the Sat Nav does reflect modern driving conditions, ensuring that the learner drivers expand their learning and have the necessary skills after they pass a driving test. 

RAC Foundation director Stephen Glaister said, 'We all rely on Sat Navs but they are not infallible and it is when they have led us down a dead end that we need to know how to do a three point turn.  It's fine to add some aspects to the test but we should be cautious about removing the basics.'

The driving test has existed in it's current form for around two decades with only slight changes such as the addition of the independent drive being added in recent years.  A DVSA spokesperson said, 'Any future changes to the test would be subject to a full public consultation'. 

Let us know your views on the proposed changes as a learner driver or driving instructor that will need to adapt to change.


Bryan greenall
Bryan greenall
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 1:42 am
the proposed changes are for me not before time. The removal of the reverse left around a corner is for me absolutely archaic and in my opinion a hindrance to teaching people to drive forward more as this takes a considerable amount of time and effort or the instructor and pupil alike what do you think. The questions on the drive is a worry and they need to be careful on what is asked or this could be a dangerous situation for both examiner and pupil. Lets see what the outcome is when the trials are completed at the end of April, it should be very interesting. Nice post on this by the way.
Reply to Bryan greenall
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 1:42 am
Interesting how learner drivers think they need to spend much of their time practising manoeuvres but fail to see the importance of driving. Still, they will no doubt be much relieved that reversing 'around a corner' is to be phased out. Times change as does modern driving so of course we need to adapt but change is hard to accept, I guess this will be true of pupils and the instructors. I do hope that for those learning to drive they are still given the opportunity to develop their driving skills which will include being able to turn the car around through which ever means that may be.

It's suggested that questions will only be asked at an appropriate time although this distraction shouldn't be any more of a burden of driving instructors challenging the driver with questions whilst under guidance.

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