Should you trust a guaranteed driving test pass

Wednesday 13th July, 2011 at 15:07 COMMENTS (3)

We have found at least one driving school on Google's 1st page which claim to offer a guaranteed pass driving course, however, in our opinion this can not be possible. 

Lots of websites seem to advertise "guaranteed pass" courses of some description, but the simple fact is nobody can guarantee that you'll pass!

Guarantees or gimmicks?

The terms of such courses typically say, "We offer students taking our 'Guaranteed Pass Course' three attempts at the driving test". 

However, this can NOT be a guaranteed pass driving course as some pupil's may need more than the three attempts. 

When you look into the detail, you'll find that if you don't pass after the initial course, they may pay for any future tests you take with them or similar gimmicks. 

Other "guarantees" involve a refund of your test fee, or a promise of paying for future driving test fees or some other similar token gesture - not a guarantee at all, just a hope of luck changing or the student giving up on their desire to drive. 

Often driving schools will offer students taking Guaranteed Pass Courses THREE attempts at the driving test, all within the original price of the Guaranteed Pass Course. 

Although students may not pass their test first time receive a further three hours of tuition before taking their test for the second time and an additional three hours tuition should they require a third attempt at the test. 

Unfortunately, without taking a little extra structured training this is pretty much useless - especially considering that many of these courses are residential and so could be a long way to travel to.  The cost of travelling back for the test would be outweighed by extra training, accommodation and rail or bus fares. 

Some schools add further, "In the unlikely event that you fail to pass the driving test on your third attempt, it will be considered that we have fulfilled our obligation under the terms of the course and any further tuition and test costs must be paid for by the student". 

On the other hand, you could find a good auto instructor in your area that offers an Intensive course or weekly lessons. 

For those students that choose to learn to drive with a reputable driving school that offer a structured training programme based on individual needs, a successful driving test result can be achieved. 

Passing the driving test involves many things but at the end of the day it falls on you doing everything right and having luck when things turn against you. 

As far as guarantees go, we reckon this one will at least guarantee peace of mind.


Driving School Worcester
Driving School Worcester
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 1:44 am
Choosing the right instructor is so important, although all instructors passed the same test (if they're qualified, look out for badge colour), some are good, some are excellent, some are awful!
Recommendations are the best way to go, no doubt. When researching, don't let pricing come into it. A cheap school/instructor is cheap for a reason. The better ones will normally charge more. Look for qualifications and memberships to other bodies. Ignore quoted pass rates, and grades are useless information.
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 1:44 am
There are instances that instructor in driving was really a big influence in regards with driving. I actually trust license driving school as well as trust worthy environment and knowledge.
Double Glazing
Friday 22nd September, 2017 @ 1:44 am
That is true that no one can assure if you are going to pass the driving test or not. It depends upon the student's skills if he can already drive a car with care.

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