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For those of you worrying about a driving test coming up, I'm sure you've asked your friends or family about their test experiences or having passed I guess you've gleefully recounted the dreadful tales about the examiner and the test drive. 

We've all heard about the limit of candidates that can pass per month or that Mr so and so examiner never passes teenage girls or that if your test is on a Friday, you'll never pass. 

Oops, had you never heard these stories until now?

Well it doesn't matter too much, as they are commonly spread by people with bad experiences or naive enough not to recognise their own faults. 

As a driving instructor, I'm at pains to make sure the pupils I teach are fully prepared to drive safely on our roads and along the way pass a driving test. 

Yet sadly, too many driving test candidates are attending test and failing to reach the required standard and having to go through the whole process time after time. 

Are you aware that only 1 serious fault on a driving test will result in failure or that 15 driving faults is acceptable? I appreciate that there has to be a limit set but how can it be that so many faults could occur and mean someone passes and can drive legally on the roads unaccompanied?

Perhaps worse still, some people pass the test and never look back or feel a need to improve on their weaknesses. 

The current crop of young pupils I'm teaching are working really hard to develop their skills and are excited by the prospect of being able to drive their own car soon without a fussy driving instructor sitting beside them but instead with friends music and other distractions. 

It's these friends that at this time that become an obstruction to better progress or cause uncertainty as to what's required by DSA examiners or test. 

Recently, my pupil's have told tales about friends that have taken a test in Clacton because it's an easier place to pass a driving test whilst another was surprised how readily their friend stalled in their own car despite passing the previous day.  This something my learner had not done since the early days of learning. 

Another was shocked that despite being only days from a test her friend had never parked in a parking space or knew about the show and tell questions prior to a drive. 

A driving test is exactly that, a test and will determine how well one did at that time. 

Sure everybody makes mistakes mostly due to nerves or lack of concentration but because of a lack of skill, uhmm.  Check out how to over come test nerves here

Every candidate will have a better opportunity passing a driving test if in the lessons leading up to the big day, their driving has been consistently good without needing help from that fussy driving instructor. 

So if you are planning on taking a driving test soon or in the future, don't fret or feel pressured by those around you just seek guidance and learn from their test experiences

If you would like further information about test requirements then check out the videos and information or give me a call on 0845 257 9716 where I'll be happy to help. 

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