Theory test rip off

Thursday 13th May, 2010 at 20:05 COMMENTS (1)

Beware of some Web sites offering online theory test booking services that are charging more than the standard £31 test fee! They appear after you make a Google search and the ads look genuine enough, generally because they appear in the sponsored links.  However, a quick read of the Terms & Conditions will reveal that they are adding large booking fees .  We found one site charging £16 more (a total of £47) which they justified by including "revision aids" for driving theory test practice. 

Another site that was charging a massive £51 with no revision aids.  Whilst there is nothing illegal in this, we think that learning to drive is expensive enough and that this is a scam. 

We recommend that you only book directly through our site @
  • theory bookingor link directly through to

    If you know of any similar sites, let us know.

    Thursday 21st September, 2017 @ 4:30 am
    if there was no internet they would be no theory test thats the reason why they are just out to make make from the internet it just became to handy for them to make money from people you a here a lot of people online making big big money online it just the exact same way the government is doing it wanting peoples money when the internet was born it just became to handy for them them ripping people of think about if there where no internet they would be no theory test.

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