Driving Instructor Training Essex

Make a difference and teach for a living: Become a driving Instructor in Essex and realistically earn over £875* per week. 

What better time could their be to challenge yourself to an exciting new career, whilst having the security of knowing you're training with highly qualified trainers at Compass driving instructor school

Every year there are over 1 million people learning to drive in the UK and in need of someone who can make a difference.Driving instructors have the responsibility of teaching a skill for life, helping to make our roads a safer place to drive. 

A career as a driving Instructor is typically different from what you've experienced before, with flexible working hours, & options, outstanding rewards and the chance to meet a range of interesting people. 

The driving instructor training team.

Our experienced trainers (Compass Driving Instructor School) have constantly achieved the highest grades, hold a variety of further qualifications and enthusiastically focus on individual training requirements, helping you to reach your goal.  Therefore,you can rest assured, you are well prepared for your career and examinations.  Feel free to read the views and testimonials of trainee and qualified driving instructors in Essex

Belief in the quality of training and ability of PDI'S mean, many of our successful trainees are offered a role with either Karen's School of Motoring or Automatic Pass driving school.

Driving Instructor Training Exam Parts

Part 1: Theory
Part Two: Driving Ability
Part Three: Instruction

If you would like further details or have any relevant questions, please contact our driving instructor school training team on 01268 728 269 or visit Compass Instructor Training website

*Based on 35 hours per week and after typical expenses.  As of 0/5/05/17 Lesson prices