Winter driving

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winter driving

Winter weather can be harsh and driving conditions can quickly change with poor visibility plus snow and ice on the roads. 
Be prepared when driving this winter so if snow is forecast, don't drive unless your journey is essential. 

Planning a journey:
·check the weather forecast and road conditions
·consider other routes and allow extra time for your journey
·consider other types of transport
·ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the journey
·carry warm clothing, blankets, hot drinks, a torch, a shovel, and suitable footwear
·tell someone at your destination what time you expect to arrive

Checking routes
Always check your route before you set out.  Make sure you know exactly where you're going and what roads you're taking. 

Your vehicle
Ensure that your vehicle is prepared and clean ALL lights, windows, roof and mirrors.  Carry warm clothing, blankets, hot drinks, a torch, a shovel, and the right footwear.  Tell someone at your destination what time you expect to arrive. 

Your driving
To avoid wheel spin, move off in a higher gear (2nd) whilst being careful not to accelerate too harshly.  If you have to, try moving the car backwards and then forwards out of a rut.  As visibility may be reduced in falling snow, use dipped headlights as you would in fiog or heavy rain. 

Increase the gap between you and the vehicle ahead remembering to look in the mirror before changing speed.  Keep your speed down and treat any accelerating or braking very carefully.  Stopping distances will increase by 10 times because of the combination of snow/ice and your braking. 

Oh and watch out for other vehicles/drivers who are out of control due to error or poor driving, look for escape routes all the time. 

Checking the weather forecast
The Met officehas the latest information on weather conditions on UK roads so check first before setting out.  You will be warned in advance of any severe weather that might be approaching.


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