Plan to include motorway lessons for learners

06 January, 2017

L earner drivers will be allowed on to motorways for the first time, if new government plans are approved.

Although Transport minister Andrew Jones says the move would help make roads in Britain safer, it's suggested, the lessons will not be mandatory and driving instructors will decide when their students are ready.

The Department for Transport is also looking at trialling a "target number" of hours of lessons to complete before learners take their test which could see them being made to spend up to 120 hours behind the wheel before taking their test.

Measures to improve safety for new drivers, is welcomed but it should be noted, there were no current plans to introduce a minimum figure.

The proposal is one of a number of ideas being considered by ministers as part of a £2m research programme by the DfT into improving safety for new drivers. 


The department is also still asking for feedback from the public on the current training and testing for driving instructors.
We think both the general public and driving instructors may have a contrasting opinion to those either seeking driving lessons or those having to fund them.


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