Mock Theory Test

Practice Driving Theory Test Questions For FREE

It has been devised to test the users knowledge of driving theory, in particular the rules of the road and the best driving practice.  A video explaining the test in more detail at the bottom of this page plus when you're ready, complete the required details below and then have a go at the practice theory test as often as you like, best of luck.

How to pass the Theory Test

Your understanding is tested through 50 multiple choice questions and scoring at least 43 correct.  You select your answers for this part of the test by simply touching the screen. 

Only one question will appear on the screen at a time and most questions will ask you to select one correct answer from four possible answers given although some questions may ask for two or three correct answers from the selection, but this is clearly shown. 

You are given 57 minutes for this part of the mock theory test, so relax and avoid rushing.  Make the most of your time and read the questions and answers carefully.  Some questions may take longer to answer than others but for those that you're not sure about, you have the option of 'flagging' it and then coming back to it later.

Make sure you answer all of the questions and before you click finish, use the review function to check all have been completed. 

Preparing for your mock theory test

Our FREE mock theory test questions will cover a variety of topics relating to road safety, the environment and documentation and each test consists of random questions and has the same pass mark as the DVSA theory test.

You must pass your driving theory test before taking the practical test, so it's essential to begin studying the driving theory test whilst taking your professional driving lessons

Plus, we would advise you to study the following books; The Highway Code, Driving the Essential Skills, Know your Traffic Signs and the All Tests Hazard Perception DVD.  The DVSA no longer publish the actual questions but the revision questions are all on the same subjects

At the test centre

So what happens at when you arrive at the test centre and what documents do you need to take with you? All is explained in the latest DVSA video.

Under Maintenance

Our mock theory test is currently undergoing maintenance, but you can still use the DVLA mock theory test at the below link:

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