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Driving Instructor Training Essex

Make a difference and teach for a living: Become a driving Instructor in Essex and realistically earn over £1500* per week. 

What better time could there be to challenge yourself to an exciting new career, whilst having the security of knowing you're training with highly qualified trainers at Compass driving instructor school. 

With over 1.7 million^ driving tests taken in the UK and in need of someone who can make a difference.  Driving instructors have the responsibility of teaching a skill for life, helping to make our roads a safer place to drive. 

A career as a driving Instructor is typically different from what you've experienced before, with flexible working hours, & options, outstanding rewards and the chance to meet a range of interesting people. 

The driving instructor training team.

Our experienced trainers (Compass Driving Instructor School) have constantly achieved the highest grades, hold a variety of further qualifications and enthusiastically focus on individual training requirements, helping you to reach your goal.  Therefore, you can rest assured, you are well prepared for your career and examinations. 

Belief in the quality of training and ability of PDI'S mean, many of our successful trainees are offered a role with either Karen's School of Motoring or Automatic Pass driving school. 

If you would like further details or have any relevant questions, please contact our driving instructor school training team on 01268 728269

Potential Earnings

Qualified Driving Instructor

Once qualified as a driving instructor you will have a range of attractive career options available to you.  In making your decision you will need to look at your earnings potential and how this will be generated.  Your income will be derived from the pupils you teach, minus the cost of your franchise fees and expenses such as petrol.

Career Development
Karens School of Motoring & Automatic Pass are constantly looking to improve the service they provide to its instructors.  Therefore we do review our franchise package to reflect these changes.  In addition new franchise packages may be introduced each year.

Compass Driving instructors works very closely with Karens School of Motoring & Automatic Pass.  Who actively encourage Driving Instructors to continue to develop their own skills (Continuing Professional Development).

Alternatively, if you would prefer to operate your own business, we would be happy to offer start up advice and support.

Franchise fees
Driving instructors will typically pay a weekly franchise fee to the school they work with.  Charges are extremely variable, however, compared with other driving schools, the franchise fee for Karen's School of Motoring & Automatic Pass are very competitive. 

The fee that you pay is based on your choice of working hours, ie.  part or full time.  These options are again based on your preferences and the requirements of the school.  Some driving schools will be able to provide a car whilst it may be in your best interests to lease or use your own vehicle.  The cost of leasing, depending on vehicle, may be about £60 per week.

For those instructors that have shown dedication to our school, are rewarded after 12 months of working together with the option of taking 4 franchise fee free weeks.  Ideal to be taken for Holidays, Christmas, Etc.

Your income
As a Driving Instructor you are required to pay tax and NI as a self employed worker.  We would recommend that you seek the services of an accountancy service.

Apply now.

How to become an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor)

It is important to have an understanding of what is required when thinking of becoming a driving instructor.

The first thing you will need to do is to apply to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to become an ADI. To do this you will need to inform them of your current driving licence and any offences.

You must have held a full licence for at least 3 years.

You must be over 21.

Your application can be refused if you have:

  • been banned from driving
  • 5 or more penalty points
  • been convicted of any non-motoring offences

You will also need to have a Criminal record check or CRB check.

Your application is unlikely to be accepted if you’ve been:

  • convicted of a sexual, violent, financial or drug-related crime
  • banned from working with children

More Info at

Next steps

When you’ve been accepted to start the qualifying process, you can start your training towards the three ADI tests.


– This consists of a two-part test. The first is multiple choice. The second part is hazard perception.

You are expected to have a far more thorough understanding of the areas covered than that of a learner to be able to teach and this is why the ADI theory test is more in depth than the standard test.

We can provide you with all your study material required along with valuable advice from one of our ADI trainers regarding the theory test.


This is where you will need to prove that your driving is of standard to be able to understand the level a pupils needs to achieve to pass their own test. This test again is a more comprehensive test to that of the standard learner test as you have to show you can not only drive a car with a full understanding of all the rules and regulations of the highway code but that you can also predict and react to situations that may prove hazardous when teaching. Prior to taking Part two, you should have had approximately 40 hours of one student only practical lessons to prove that you are not just at the standard of passing but to a standard of true understanding and competency.


This is the final and hardest part of the ADI testing program. In this part you must prove that not only can you teach to a high standard but that you also can adapt a lesson to suit changing circumstances as well as comprehend and explain risk assessment throughout your whole lesson.

We recommend the best way of doing this is to apply for a PDI (Probationary Driving Instructor) certificate (known as a pink badge). Whilst you are practicing, this will give you the ability to Earn While You Learn. You can then start having paying students whilst you perfect your teaching technique. You must pass your part three within 6 months and will have to have a further 20 hours instruction.

You’ll be marked on 17 areas of competence that are grouped into 3 categories:

  • lesson planning
  • risk management
  • teaching and learning strategies

You must score at least a minimum of 31 out of 51 to pass. Once passed you can then be registered to obtain your Approved Driving Instructor Certificate.


All our lessons are on a one student per lesson basis.

Pay as you go lessons £36.00 hour

Block of 10 hours of lessons £350.00

Lessons Only Lessons & Test
Part 1
Study Guide
Part 2
40 hours
£1400.00 £1511.00
Part 3
20 hours
£700.00 £811.00

Complete package

  • Full study Guide for part one including 8 study books and 2 dvd-Rom discs
  • Theory Test Fee
  • 40 hours personal lessons
  • Part Two Practical Test
  • Provisional Driving Instructor Badge (would normally cost £140)
  • 20 hours personal lessons
  • Part Three Instructor Test
  • Approved Driving instructors Badge (would normally cost £300)

ONLY £2939.00

All courses must be completed within two years of start date.

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